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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Road of Ambitions

In The Name Of Allah,
the most Beneficent, the most Gracious, the most Merciful!


Ambition is a natural tendency for young people. It has to do with the direction of life. Like a journey and voyage, that ambition is the destination to be reached. There are many destinations that will be reached. And every station through which there are specific challenges to be faced. Road ambitions are not easy. But with determination and high resolve, the teens can reach the various stages in life when originally joined up with discipline, patience, a strong effort and never knew the meaning of despair.

Muslim Youth must have ambition. This can help teens achieve life goals. Youth without ambition is like travelling without a full stop and end. Youth without ambition is not a harbour cruise. When the ambition to grow in youth, it demands nourishment process.

The process is very challenging because not all teens are able to endure tests and challenges. Some loss of guidance, patience broken, melted its ideals of discipline causes only a shadow and illusion.

Ambition is like building a map of the boundaries of life is the ability and potential. For Muslim youth, ambition is not a fantasy. It is something that can be achieved if accompanied by efforts. Without effort, it is only a fantasy. Must have planning and mastering the integrative.

Learned must be translated into deeds. True and useful knowledge that will provide a beneficial effect on self, society and system. This course will build upon the knowledge.

Teenagers should be measured between the talents, interests, preferences and potential of belonging to achieve our ambitions for the future. The ability to measure their potential is the best guidelines in order to achieve an ambition.

After that, adults should have the focus because it will make peak ideals. For example, a teenager aspiring to get excellent results, character building, study abroad and think to find a tandem partner. It is frequently cited as a top priority in the mind and imagination teenagers. Then, teenagers need to develop a focus that is choosing the more important.

If all the thought and priority simultaneously, it is possible for academic excellence and character turns the opposite. The most important focus is to achieve academic excellence and character. Study abroad and have friends living in line will follow.

In achieving its ambitions, certainly there are challenges and tests pending. Often the challenges that come from internal factors teens. Inner strength is a key requirement in the pursuit of ambition Youth must be convinced that God gives every young talent and ability to be polished. It needs to be nourished in a good mood. They have always whispered encouraging words to yourself so that the desired success a reality.

A deep awareness should be instilled in the hearts of Muslim youth. Other successful people in various areas of Islam and Muslims are able to govern because they have a high degree of confidence. If teenagers realize that they can also be developed and contribute to others knowledge and wisdom are central to the determination and ambitions of the future.



Written by: Writer PMSRC

(30.06.2011 – 02.35a.m.)

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