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Saturday, 2 July 2011

A Friend…

In The Name Of Allah,
the most Beneficent, the most Gracious, the most Merciful!



It is very difficult for me express all that happened today.
Everything happened so fast, without it being me explain ..

On Wednesday last, I have been to the hospital to meet with the orthopaedic specialist. As usual, the result is the same. The words are like a tape recorder that will be repeated each time I was in the hospital. I was able to memorize the words to be.

Sometimes, I feel lazy to go to the hospital because I knew what would a doctor say. His words made me jaded, lost confidence in doctors or in other words the medical people.

While the afternoon, I will go to the department to undergo physiotherapy and rehabilitation. I like was able to memorize what to say by my physio interpreter. "Brothers, lying on the bed of the first yea." In the department, there are six small rooms that are decorated with pink curtains. In addition there is an interpreter physio, there are also practical physiotherapy students. Every time I step into the department, I will choose the room itself was my favourite. Usually I would choose number 3 or 1. But by itself, will follow the desires of my physiotherapist. If I select the room number, they just follow it.

Sometimes Masterskill students who helped me in the case of ni. And sometimes, the Medical College MAHSA and Sungai Buloh. Until now I have 18 times to make this treatment. But some changes can not I see. I like regular Customers there. I know all the physiotherapist. Also reluctant to make. I never expect to stop all treatment that I received today. Urm ..

I have someone I call him eligible for a friend. I met him when I was in tuition. I spoke to him about it, and he advised me not to do so. Because it makes me suffer. If I think about it, there is also logic in his words. Although I do not know him, for me, he is entitled to call me in the companions ....

O Allah!
Truly I thank you for having been bestowed on another friend to me. First, I am always in frustration as betrayed by my friends that I was afraid of making friends. However, now you have opened the door of my life to be friends again. Thank you O God ...

O Allah!
If his presence, is a gift from You, then I will appreciate him and love him as you appreciate my beloved Prophet, Muhammad
If he was a friend for me, and you give a close friendship based on your laws, O God ..
Hopefully our ukhuwah will be forever ... Insyah-ALLAH ...


Written by:  writer PSMRC

(02.07.2011 – 3.21 a.m.)

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Anonymous said...

Peace upon to you writter.

Your blog such a great blog. Your stories inspired me a lot! Thank you, there a lot of lesson that i have learned. By the way, this post such a interesting post. I wish i could be your friend too.. Lucky the person who in your story.