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I have been writing since the age of 12. I started blogging in middle of 2009. Attributes my balanced view of life to doting my parents, who sent me to Chinese Primary School in Selangor for my primary education before I joined Assunta School during my high school days. Now,Im a graduated student. Blogging is one of my part time.

I am a traveler seeking the truth, a human searching for the meaning of humanity and a citizen seeking dignity, freedom, stability and welfare under the shade of Islam. I am a free man who is aware of the purpose of his existence and who proclaims: “Truly, my prayer and my sacrifice, my living and my dying are all for Allah, the Lord of the worlds; no partner has He. This, am I commanded and I am of those who submit to His Will.” This is who I am. Who are you?

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The way I get meaning into my life
is to devote myself to loving others,
devote myself to my community around me,
and devote myself to creating something
that gives me purpose and meaning..

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Road of Ambitions

In The Name Of Allah,
the most Beneficent, the most Gracious, the most Merciful!


Ambition is a natural tendency for young people. It has to do with the direction of life. Like a journey and voyage, that ambition is the destination to be reached. There are many destinations that will be reached. And every station through which there are specific challenges to be faced. Road ambitions are not easy. But with determination and high resolve, the teens can reach the various stages in life when originally joined up with discipline, patience, a strong effort and never knew the meaning of despair.

Muslim Youth must have ambition. This can help teens achieve life goals. Youth without ambition is like travelling without a full stop and end. Youth without ambition is not a harbour cruise. When the ambition to grow in youth, it demands nourishment process.

The process is very challenging because not all teens are able to endure tests and challenges. Some loss of guidance, patience broken, melted its ideals of discipline causes only a shadow and illusion.

Ambition is like building a map of the boundaries of life is the ability and potential. For Muslim youth, ambition is not a fantasy. It is something that can be achieved if accompanied by efforts. Without effort, it is only a fantasy. Must have planning and mastering the integrative.

Learned must be translated into deeds. True and useful knowledge that will provide a beneficial effect on self, society and system. This course will build upon the knowledge.

Teenagers should be measured between the talents, interests, preferences and potential of belonging to achieve our ambitions for the future. The ability to measure their potential is the best guidelines in order to achieve an ambition.

After that, adults should have the focus because it will make peak ideals. For example, a teenager aspiring to get excellent results, character building, study abroad and think to find a tandem partner. It is frequently cited as a top priority in the mind and imagination teenagers. Then, teenagers need to develop a focus that is choosing the more important.

If all the thought and priority simultaneously, it is possible for academic excellence and character turns the opposite. The most important focus is to achieve academic excellence and character. Study abroad and have friends living in line will follow.

In achieving its ambitions, certainly there are challenges and tests pending. Often the challenges that come from internal factors teens. Inner strength is a key requirement in the pursuit of ambition Youth must be convinced that God gives every young talent and ability to be polished. It needs to be nourished in a good mood. They have always whispered encouraging words to yourself so that the desired success a reality.

A deep awareness should be instilled in the hearts of Muslim youth. Other successful people in various areas of Islam and Muslims are able to govern because they have a high degree of confidence. If teenagers realize that they can also be developed and contribute to others knowledge and wisdom are central to the determination and ambitions of the future.



Written by: Writer PMSRC

(30.06.2011 – 02.35a.m.)

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Say NO to give up!

The failure of one thing that seems synonymous with the life of every human being.
However, each time the failure occurred, perseverance and acceptance are still there.
Would be followed by disappointment
While this is a common thing in life.
Every time a social failure, too difficult to be accepted by faith.
There are only questions raised disputes raised by the failure.
Failure leads to disillusionment within.
However, I want to ask, is give up the one thing that should be done if we are dealing with failure?
Conversely, the failure is not the end of life, and 'dead' to success.
As we always hear, many successful after failure.
And the failure to make a more mature and cautious in putting the course of life.
Have you ever been confronted with a sense of despair?
After many obstacles and trials you have encountered, but thwarted by the pessimism that suddenly cross my mind.
Is not that leave you in losses.
After the expiry of the time and the nature of things, the simple sense of inflammatory and thwart what worked so far. So, is it all worth it?
Versus despair
Most important is to have a sense of coming off.
Not afraid of failure because without you knowing, despair is the root cause of failure.
Not the cause of the failure of the feelings of despair.
Errors often occur there.
Despair is not a good attitude to their dream.
Because, in the world as a student too many trials and hardships that will be reached.
Located only to those who crave success will continue to maintain their sense of immunity regardless of the pessimism that often come regardless of times and seasons.
If you feel lazy during the study, it is also the attitude of despair that leads to failure.
We need to remember, do not make despair as one of the agenda in the diary of our lives.
But want to make sense of success and the pursuit of meaningful lives as our goal.
Despair if the enemy that we do not perceive. The attitude came in a spontaneous and smooth.
We should know the meaning of despair.
Despair is the enemy which will ultimately lead to a variety of other negative attitudes.
Lazy arise because the sense of despair. Discouragement also arise because of despair.
It all started out of desperation.
Do not let pessimism over yourself because it will lead to other negative attitudes.
Find out and deal with attitude. Sure the success of ours.

Written by : PSMRC

29.06.2011 (09.23a.m.)

Thursday, 23 June 2011


In The Name Of Allah,
the most Beneficent, the most Gracious, the most Merciful!

Night turns morning, bright and dark paths storms tipped too will subside. Similarly, sad tears will dry, the voices of calm and peace dwells hearts.
Without sadness we would not understand the meaning of happiness. Thus, the sadness will make us rise to gain happiness.
When we hit grief, stop the serving feelings and thoughts if we want to escape from the worst sufferings.
Be weak and sad when I got unexpected from God is not a feature of those who raised the status of God.
Is busy in worship, hopefully it will become a potent medicine for someone who wants to rise from a prolonged depression.
Immersed in grief for too long will increase the suffering and give opportunity to the devil to come up with the whispers of melancholic.


Written by: Writer P.S.M.R.C
(20.06.2011 2.15a.m.)

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Happy Father's Day (19.06.2011)

In The Name Of Allah,
the most Beneficent, the most Gracious, the most Merciful!

Today, June 19, the third week of June is the day Sunday the father.I have a poem titled scratch his love's father.This poem gives me a thousand for the effects ...
It derives this poem when I met a friend who had lost his father when he was 12 years old. And when I moved to a new school, I met a close friend who also lost a great man in him, his father ... Through them, I was inspired to write. So, to those who still have a father, appreciate your father and love them as much as they love us. Obedience to the command as long as they do not violate Islamic law, do not raise your voice to them. Because that would hurt them. So they will think, "Is this what they could Upon weary to bring us?" Remember friends, appreciate, love and hug them often. Because that will make them know that we love for them and to bridge the father and son relationship ... For those who have been his loss, donated Surah Al-Fatihah and Yassin to them. Visiting their graves and pray for their well-being in the hereafter. Amin Ya Rabbal amin ..

My father's hug the body closely
Feel warm tears ..
Dripping on my shoulders,
No squeeze me see my father so
His eyes were red
I know his heart heartsick
See the bloody wound at the hands of
Wound in the heart who knows?
Last kiss me perched on his forehead
Not willing to let go of my father from my arms
But the force and too jealous
Between love and affection
Now split to form the gap,
Lamenting with tears
His heart heartsick including cuts sliced
I do not hold the tightness in the chest
My heart sad melancholy overtones,
Between willing and not
Dad went to take
Divorced air you do not divorce
You left me and went
And the days that passed
Only silence came to accompany
I miss your caress
Why do not you go back?

Written by : Writer PSMRC

17.10.2010 (5.28 p.m.)

Journey of Life

In The Name Of Allah,
the most Beneficent, the most Gracious, the most Merciful!

In a journey of life, the greatest aspiration is towards perfection. There are times when we must fight, and learn to uncover the secrets of life.

The journey to perfection is a process that determines every step we tread. Every breath, heartbeat, from noon to night.
All toward the same point, perfection.

Every human being has equal rights over time. No one more than the others. But not infrequently that each of us is different in a stand. Some are struggling to get through to kill time. Not too little to feel the narrowness of the opportunity that he was there.

What is the biggest secret in this life?
Through the day with full of meaning. The meaning of love, science, and faith. With love life becomes beautiful. With the life sciences to be easy. And with the faith life becomes purposeful.

Jean-Francois Champollion recorded in world history as the first person to successfully read a letter that has forgotten the ancient Egyptians thousands of years. Apparently this ability is supported by a knowledge of languages
​​that have developed since childhood when she was 11 years, Champollion had mastered Latin, Greek, and Hebrew. Two years later he also studied Arabic, Syriac, Chaldean and Coptic.

In 1822, at age 32, finished Champollion translated the Rosetta stone that became the key to the reading of texts of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Life is a learning process towards better and understand the love that God Almighty will give for people in this world.


The biggest secret in life: Passing today with the full meaning. The meaning of love, science, and faith. With love life becomes beautiful. With the life sciences to be easy. And with the faith life becomes purposeful.

Written by : Writer PSMRC
03.12.2010 (11.45p.m.)


In The Name Of Allah,
the most Beneficent, the most Gracious, the most Merciful!

Night turns morning, bright and dark paths storms tipped too will subside. Similarly, sad tears will dry, the voices of calm and peace dwells hearts.

Without sadness we would not understand the meaning of happiness. Thus, the sadness will make us rise to gain happiness.

When we hit grief, stop the serving feelings and thoughts if we want to escape from the worst sufferings.

Be weak and sad when I got unexpected from God is not a feature of those who raised the status of God.

Is busy in worship, hopefully it will become a potent medicine for someone who wants to rise from a prolonged depression.

Immersed in grief for too long will increase the suffering and give opportunity to the devil to come up with the whispers of melancholic.


In The Name Of Allah,
the most Beneficent, the most Gracious, the most Merciful!

I wake up early, because of headache. Perform solat duha. Alhamdulilah...
Open my room sliding door and window; let the wind blow in my room... Feel fresh...
Still early morning, people still sleeping and I decide to sit at my table and open my laptop. Continue what I have done before... Blogging is one of the way to express my feeling...

Every day I wake
I wonder how long it will take
To wake inside and start to breathe
To overcome my desires
and continue to breathe
 Every single day I appreciate
Being alive for another chance to eradicate
My sinful whims I have built with disgrace
Being here to prepare
for what is waiting there
 Every day I pray for Allah's mercy
Living in a filthy surrounding is not truly easy
Though the reward is indeed worthy
Faith is the only path
to rest in peace eventually
 Every day I see the light
I thank Allah for keeping my soul so bright
I grow to realize what is surely right
This life is nothing
But a road to the real life...

Written by : Writer PMSRC

19/06/2011 (2.50 a.m.)

Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Langit semakin gelap. Angin yang bertiup juga semakin kencang. Di atas bumi Tuhan ada seorang gadis berumur belasan tahun sedang berjalan pantas ke arah yang dituju. Keringat di mukanya mengalir laju .

Saat itu juga kilat sedang sabung-menyabung diiringi dentuman guruh yang berterusan. Aisha takut. Langkahnya terus dipercepatkan.

Dia terkejut. Ada cahaya yang menyuluh dari belakang. Aisha menoleh dan..

Pelbagai soalan diajukan namun tiada soalan yang dijawabnya. Amri mengalah. Dia mengambil keputusan untuk berdiam diri juga. Ada juga rasa geram apabila gadis di sebelahnya tidak melayannya.

Kereta mewah berwarna hitam itu terus meluncur laju apabila hujan sudah mula turun. Kelihatan burung-burung berterbangan pulang ke sarang.

"Jalan mana ni,dik?" tanya lelaki yang berbaju kemeja putih,kemas. Dia duduk di hadapan, di tempat duduk pemandu.

"Belok kiri, terus dan berhenti di rumah berpagar putih," jawab gadis itu yang kemudiannya kembali membisu.

Amri juga terus senyap tanpa berkata-kata lagi. Dia menjeling Aisha. Comel gadis itu.
'Come, tapi sombong!' desis hati Amri sambil memandang ke luar tingkap.

Puan Asma mundar-mandir di ruang tamu. Tidak henti-henti dia memandang jam di dinding. 7.45 malam. Wjahnya gelisah. Menantikan anak gadisnya yang masih belum pulang. Sudah lewat.

Dia kemudiannya ke dapur memadamkan api pada dapur masak apabila mendapati nasi yang ditanak tadi sudah masak. Selepas itu, dia mengangkat periuk nasi itu dan diletakkan di atas pengalas rotan yang ada di meja makan itu. Lauk-pauk semuanya sudah terhidang.

Dia terus menanti. 7.50 malam.

"Sudah sampai."
"Terima kasih," Asha berkata kepada pemandu Amri.
"Sama-sama. Kalau hari-hari awak tumpang saya pun tidak mengapa," Amri membalas.

Asha hanya tersenyum dan terus masuk ke laman rumahnya, memberi salam.

"Waalaikummussalam, lambat balik?" tanya seorang wanita berusia lingkungan 50-an. Dia sedang berdiri di muka pintu.

"Lambat tadi. Hujan turun. Sya tumpang Amri."
"Mari masuk. Pergi mandi, takut kamu demam," Puan Asma tersenyum. Syukur anaknya telah pulang.

Hujan yang terus turun menjadi saksi apa yang sedang dilakukan ibu tunggal dan anak gadisnya di rumah teres setingkat itu.

Pagi itu bumi milik Tuhan terus menghijau walau sudah tercemar akibat penghuninya sendiri. Masih berkabus dan bunga-bungaan sedang kembang mekar. Embun belum lagi kering.

Seperti hari-hari biasa, Aisha menyandang beg sekolahnya dan keluar rumah seawal 7.00 pagi. Jalan raya di kampung itu tidaklah sesesak seperti bandaraya Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, Alor Setar dan jauh sekali New York. Semuanya dalam keadaan tenang dan majoriti penduduk di situ hanya bekerja sebagai petani atau peniaga. Tidak terkecuali Puan Asma yang membantu berniaga sayur-sayuran di pasar yang terletak di kawasan pekan.

Puan Asma akan memastikan Aisha ke sekolah terlebih dahulu sebelum dia ke pasar. Dia langsung tidak membiarkan anaknya bersarapan terlebih dahulu sebelum Aisha ke sekolah.

"Assalamualaikum, ibu," Aisha mencium tangan ibunya.
"Waalaikummussalam," Puan Asma melambai-lambaikan tangannya sambil memerhatikan Aisha yang terus berlalu pergi.

Hari ini satu lagi hari yang tidak menentu bagi Aisha. Aisha akan tetap ke sekolah walau dirinya selalu..

Honda Accord keluaran terbaru itu berhenti di hadapan sekolah pada jam 7.10 pagi. Penumpangnya yang baru hendak keluar ternampak Aisha yang berjalan ke arah pagar. Dia cepat-cepat membuka pintu kereta itu dan berlari mendapatkan Aisha.

"Hah?" Aisha terkejut apabila Amri menjerit memanggil namanya.
"Aisha, petang ni baliklah dengan saya. Ya, ya ?"
"Tengoklah, selamat tinggal,"
"Eh, tunggu!" tidak sempat. Aisha sudah berjalan pergi ke arah barisan pelajar perempuan di belakang dataran itu. Perhimpunan pagi akan bermula.

"Hei, kau!"
"Kau nak apa?"
"Kasi duit kat aku, kalau tak.."
"Kau ni. Aku tak ada duitlah," Aisha cuba memberanikan diri.
"Baik. Kalau tak ada duit, nanti lepak dengan aku. Kau tak takut mati?" ugut gadis bertudung singkat.
"Hm..," Aisha tidak berani melawan. Ada cerita yang Noni ada kumpulan sendiri.

Gangster? Mungkin. Sudah ramai yang melawan mereka telah dikerjakan mereka. Guru-guru juga ada yang mengetahui hal tersebut tetapi mereka tidak berani melaporkan kepada pihak polis. Takut. Sebenarnya, pengetua sekolah langsung tidak tahu hal ini!

Noni. Dia merupakan ahli kumpulan samseng sekolah. Kumpulan tersebut sudah mempunyai ramai pengikut. Mereka hisap rokok, vandalisme dan banyak lagilah! Memang terkutuk.

Mungkin mereka sekarang cuba mempengaruhi Aisha. Merosakkan Aisha.

Amri bagaikan tidak percaya. Aisha sasaran seterusnya. Cerita sebenarnya, dia telah mendengar perbualan Noni dan Aisha tadi. Waktu pulang nanti dia mesti cepat-cepat ajak Asha pulang. Mesti!

Walau dia tahu, kumpulan gangster itu amat bahaya! Dia perlu perlu bertawakal. Walau apa pun yang berlaku, suatu hari nanti dia akan melaporkannya pada polis.


Kawasan di hadapan SMK Lubuk Ilmu yang tadi kosong mulai penuh dengan bilangan pelajar yang baru keluar setelah loceng berdering jam 1.00 tengah hari tadi.

Aisha juga. Semalam dia pulang pada waktu petang kerana ada kerja yang dilakukan bersama gurunya. Hari nii apa pula yang hendak diberitahu pada ibunya kerana mungkin dia pulang lewat sedikit. Ada sesuatu.

"Hei, kau!" si gadis tudung singkat itu menjerit pada Aisha lagi kali ini.
"Tunggulah kau, bodoh!" jerit dia lagi apabila mendapati Aisha terus berjalan tanpa menghiraukannya.

Aisha terkejut, "Kau panggil aku?"
"Yalah. Kau apa fasal pekak sangat?"
"Jom!" sambung Noni.

Aisha hanya membuntuti Noni. Dia takut apa-apa akan terjadi padanya. Jika tidak menuruti kata-kata Noni, nahas dia nanti!

"Kau nak sebatang? Nah, aku dah nyalakan," hulur Noni sebatang benda yang mempunyai warna coklat dan putih serta sudah berasap-asap pada hujungnya.

"Ambil sajalah! Jangan nak melawan," herdik Noni apabila mendapati Aisha hanya membatu.

"Aisha! Jom balik dengan saya," laung Amri dari tingkap keretanya. Kebetulan dia lalu di situ.

"Jangan layan dia. Kau hisaplah, aku dah kasi sebatang. Bukannya murah," bisik Noni sambil syaitan-syaitan terus bertepuk keriangan.

Amri ternampak sesuatu. Asap rokok. Dia kemudiannya memberitahu pemandunya, "Jalan, Pak Wan," kereta mewah itu terus bergerak meninggalkan Noni dan Aisha yang sudah menitiskan air mata.

Selang sesaat datang pula dua orang pelajar lelaki tingkatan lima di tempat Aisha dan Noni berdiri. Mereka bermotosikal. Semua mata tertumpu pada mereka. Kenderaan-kenderaan terus bergerak melintasi kawasan itu.


Hari demi hari. Masa demi masa. Waktu demi waktu. Amri masih tidak percaya tapi sekarang, ya. Aisha telah banyak berubah. Tegurannya sudah tidak dilayan lagi. Aisha, Aisha.

Amri semakin membenci Aisha. Tidak tahu mengapa. Ini adalah kerana perubahan pada sikap Aisha.

Tiba pada suatu hari dia terbaca sebuah sajak di sebuah blog ketika dia sedang melayari internet dan melayan Facebook. Di bawah sajak itu ada sebuah cerita ringkas. Ia kisah tentang seseorang yang difitnah melakukan jenayah terkutuk dan akhirnya sesuatu keajaiban yang terjadi. Si pemfitnah bermimpi tentang mangsa fitnahnya yang dia telah didatangi dua pemuda berpakaian putih. Dua pemuda itu kemudiannya menyatakan kebenaran dan akhirnya dia meneydari kesilapannya lantas dia memohon maaf dan mendapati mangsa fitnahnya itu sebenarnya telah diperguna. Dia sesal.

Amri terus membaca sajak itu dengan hati yang masih ragu.

" Ada prasangka baik...
Ada prasangka buruk...
Orang beribadah disangka riak...
Orang rileks disangka pemalas...
Orang yang pakai baju baru disangka menunjuk..
Orang yang pakai baju buruk disangka miskin...
Orang yang makan banyak disangka pelahap...
Orang yang makan sikit disangka berdiet..
Orang baik disangka buruk...
Orang buruk disangka baik...
Orang senyum disangka mengejek..
Orang masam disangka merajuk...
Orang berbincang disangka mengumpat...
Orang diam disangka menyendiri..
Orang menawan disangka pakai susuk...
Orang nampak ceria disangka membela..

Mana tahu yang diam itu kerana berzikir kepada ALLAH..
Mana tahu yang senyum itu kerana bersedekah...
Mana tahu yang masam itu kerana mengenangkan dosanya..
Mana tahu yang menawan itu kerana bersih hati dan mindanya...
Mana tahu yang ceria itu kerana cergas cerdasnya..

Jauhi sikap berprasangka kerana sikap itu bakal...
Memusnahkan persaudaraan...
bagai, musuhnya kayu dimakan api...

Keikhlasan itu tidak perlu dipamerkan melalui tingkah laku tetapi ia boleh dirasai
Dengan sendirinya kerana manusia tidak boleh berpura-pura untuk bersimpati...

Manusia juga sering menokok tambah cerita. Kadangkala perbuatan itu tidak
disengajakan tetapi sudah menjadi lumrah, kepuasan lebih terasa apabila cerita asal
berubah nada...
Bak kata perpatah " yang sejari menjdai sejengkal, yang sehasta menjadi sedepa.. "

Hari Sabtu. Aisha tiada di rumah. Mungkin dia mengikut Noni. Amri mengambil kesempatan itu untuk ke rumah Aisha, berjumpa dengan ibunya, Puan Asma. Sesuatu akan dibongkar.

Puan Asma terkejut dengan apa yang diceritakan Amri. Kemudian, Amri dan Puan Asma cepat-cepat ke balai polis.

Waktu itu Aisha sedang bergembira dengan Noni, secara terpaksa.

SMK Lubuk Ilmu kembali aman. Akhirnya, semua sudah terbukti. Guru-guru di sekolah itu sebenarnya telah dirasuah. Gangster itulah yang merasuah mereka. Ibu bapa gangster-gangster itu pula tauke dadah. Jadi, dari situlah mereka memperoleh wang untuk merasuah. Oleh itu, guru-guru yang dirasuah tadi telah ditutup mulut mereka daripada jenayah itu terbongkar.

Penyelesainnya, geng-geng samseng itu telah ditangkap. Itu pun setelah disiasat, guru-guru yang menerima rasuah itu jgua ditangkap. Ya, ibu bapa pelajar-pelajar yang berlagak samseng juga ditangkap. Semua yang bersalah telah ditangkap. Sekarang, SMK Lubuk Ilmu menghadapi masalah kekurangan guru. Pengetuanya, Tuan Haji Mokhtar semakin pening dan hampir pengsan.

Aisha dan Puan Asma tersenyum. Mereka berpeluk. Rupa-rupanya Aisha telah lama diganggu oleh geng samseng itu. Amri tidak tahu. Dia ingatkan Aisha sudah terjebak. Rupa-rupanya Aisha takut. Amri minta maaf, "Maafkan saya, ya".

Amri dimaafkan. Amri sedar kesilapannya mentafsir. Dia tiada kuasa psikik. Kesian.

Pengajaran di sini, jangan suka mengadili orang lain. Dan juga, jangan merasuah dan jangan menerima rasuah.

p/s : Maaf jika kisah tak menarik. Tangan saya yang menulis. Suak hatilah. Komen !

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Lil Khair

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