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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Tragedy of CT Scan

Peace be upon to all 
السلام عليكم... 

بِسْــــمِ ﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم
In the name of ALLAH. 
The Most Beneficent, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful...

Tomorrow and tomorrow, where today said goodbye and welcome tomorrow. 8th May 2012 is tomorrow date. 
Yeah, 8th May 2012 ! I have my appointment with my radiologist. I will undergo CT Scan. 

Excuss me, writter! 


What is CT Scan? 

Computed Tomography Scan. CLICK THIS TO GET MORE INFO. <--- Anything, please refer to expert. TQ

Ok2.. Please continue... 

When orthopedist request to undergo CT Scan on me, my mind immediately recalled to an event where I can't forget it for the whole of my life. Tragedy 30 December 2011! 

What happened, writer? Sound like the event really.... gave a great impact to your life. 

Yes, is it.. Past 30 December 2011, I went to hospital to undergo MRI Scan. I enter the Diagnostic Department (Jabatan Diagnostik @ X-rays Department). MRI examination room is opposite with the CT examination room. That place was really cold like you were at north pole (kutub utara). Luckily, the hospital prepared the thick blanket for those who are waiting. While i waiting to be call by the nurse, there a young girls age around 6-8 years came from ward to undergo CT Scan. I kept waiting and waiting to be call. I saw that girl enter the CT examination room. After 1 hours, the nurse pulled her bed out from the room. A quiet and peaceful situation turned into anxious situation. Where everything is out of its control. 

Why..why? What Happened? 

That girl had stopped her's breath. Situation is totally out of its control. The doctors were rushing to save this little girl. The doctors try very...very hard to rescue this girl, CPR, ventilator and everything was done to save her life. Even her mama call her name, but there's no respond. The girl still unconscious.  I only can sit back and watched that incident. In my heart, " Hey, come on! Keep breathing. You family waiting for you! " and pray for her safety. 

Next what happened? Come on, dont stop.. 

Unfortunately, the rescue didn't success. She still unconscious. The doctor check her pulse, but there's nothing. So, the doctors said ." We're sorry, madam. Your daughter cannot be saved anymore. Sorry Be patient. " Nurse pull her blanket and cover her body.  Adik Fatihah gone met Creator on 30 December 2012. 

Thats why I remember this incident very clear. Its happened in front of eyes. I always keep this as a lesson and life learning. So, I hope everything run smoothly tomorrow. I hope i will be alright. ALLAH, Please Give you Blessing on me. If anything happened, I can only submission to ALLAH. He is Almighty and Merciful.
Al Fatihah for Adik Fatihah... 

Till here my epistle, will be continue on next post. Good Night everyone. MAY ALLAH BLESS ALL OF YOU. :')  Thank you for spend your time here and read my epistle.

Maasalamah. Wassalam... 


nursyaza said...

ya Allah...terharu...moga Allah mudahkan urusanmu..amin...

nurulathirahzulkifli said...

so touch.. maybe in comin' few years, i'll be watching this kind of story *rit infront of my eyes*

P.S.M.R.C said...

Dear Syaza :
Alhamdulilah, Allah telah permudahkan saya urusan saya ketika CT Scan dijalankan tempoh hari. Terima kasih atas doa kalian di group. :)

P.S.M.R.C said...

Dear Sis Kicauan :

You will experience this in the future. Maybe when you are working as a doctor? Who's know, right? :)